Dolly Restoration

What started out as a bit of a tidy up of the Triumph Dolomite Sprint rally car has turned into a complete rebuild, well sort of. The motor is going to be rebuilt but the gearbox and diff are fine, the suspension is getting rebuilt as required. Lots of things that have been done to ‘get the car to the next event’ over the last thirty three years are being tidy up. Other things are just to make the car easier to work on. Its unlikely the Dolly will be rallied as such again but I do have a bucket list of events and venues that I would like to compete in or at. So that is what the Dolly will be used for over the next few years, things like driving around Philip Island race track or Lakeside race track or may be one last rally.         

    Dolly Restoration Part I

 Dolly Restoration Part II

   Dolly Restoration Part III