Break Down Stories

Break Down Stories, yes I have had a few. There are 16 Break Down Stories to read, well 15 really as the 16th is a non break down story. In seven years of owning a Leyland Marina it always got me home.  So read on and enjoy.

Jim Pope


I can’t say that I have ever broken down, well I have broken down on purpose when in the company of a beautiful woman on a lonely road, late at night. I know, its an old ploy, but it works.

Having read this book from cover to cover, I have to say, well maybe I have missed out on the adventure of it all. Having to deal with problems, solve them and ultimately win out over adversity. Very good for you character development I would think.

I have known Jim Pope for a very long time and I am not the least bit surprised to find out that he has broken down on so many occasions. We met when he approached me to start in the film ’No Way Home’ and we have worked together a number of time over the years. It has been said that we look amazingly alike, but I don’t see it myself.

This book is more than just a compilation of stories about mechanical failures, it’s so much more than that, it explores the complexities of the human condition. The reason behind why we do things the way we do, real meaning of life stuff. This is a must read book for all ages.

Quack McMallard