Break Down Story Number 12

Break Down Story Number 12.

The Broken Rotor Button, again.

In around 1994 I had sold my home in Grafton having come to the conclusion that I would never get back there, and so I was on the look out to purchase a piece of land. I had seen an add for some land around Cowra and decided to go and have a look. There was some debate around the household about wether to take the Old Mans company car (Toyota Corolla) and my Brother in Law to be’s, (David Whisker) Subaru. I was in favour of taking the Triumphs, My TR7 and David’s Stag, in the end we decided to take the Triumphs.

We left Sydney early, myself and my Father in the TR7 and David and my sister (Jane) in the Stag. All went well till just outside Cowra I saw in the rear mirror David flashing his lights and pulling over. We stopped and David reported a horrible noise coming from under the Stag, around the gear box. I jumped in with David and we drove a few hundred metres down the road to try to work out what the noise was. Looking underneath, without jacking it up, I could see that the fuel line had come adrift and was banging on the tail shaft, so with a piece of string we pulled it away and tied it in place, problem solved!

As we tried to set off on our journey, well, the TR7 would not start, so under the bonnet to have a look. I could not really work out what was wrong, but my best guess was the rotor button, so we set off in the Stag for Cowra, leaving my Sister and Father to mind the TR7.

We found a spare parts shop just as they were closing the door, but as I would expect, they did not have a rottor button for a TR7, so we looked at what they did have so I purchased two that looked close. One of these worked, well sort of, the engine would run but it missed and coughed and all in all was not very happy.

We continued on and looked at the land, but I did not turn the seven off as I did not trust it to start again.

I drove it home, all the way coughing and spluttering, and down to second gear up some of the hills, but we made it home. So ended another break down adventure.

Jim Pope