Chapter Nine, Then and Now

Chapter 9. Now and Then.

“Do you ever regret staying here with me instead of flying away to look for you home world?” asked Helen.

“The last few years have been the best years of my life, I would not trade them for anything,” replied Max before adding “Do you regret missing out on your family growing up?”

“Sometimes,” said Helen and then after a short pause said, “but then I would not have met you.”

“I’m just going to get dinner on,” said Helen.

Helen got up from the lounge and went into the kitchen while Max stayed on the lounge and turned on the TV.

The news was on TV reporting the results of some foot ball game. Max was about to change channels when he heard Helen call out, “Are you going to help?”  

“Yes just coming,” called Max as he got up from the lounge and walked towards the kitchen, leaving the TV on.

“Our next report is about a strange discovery just made in Antarctica,” said the News Presenter, we will just cross to our reporter.

“I’m here talking with Dr George Andrews from the University of New England,” said the reporter before adding, “what have you discovered?”

“We found this small model or it could be a child’s toy of a space ship, deep in the ice,” replied the Doctor.

“Is that so unusual,” asked the reporter.

“Well yes as it was found deep in the ice which means it was frozen there some two million years ago and it is made from a material that we can’t identify,” replied the Doctor.

In the Kitchen Max asked Helen, “what’s for dinner?”

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