Day Two

Southern Cross Daily Reports

Day 2. (Monday 14th November, Taree to Port Macquarie)

Day two started with the news that Nabiac was cancelled due to rain a few days ago so we had a late start before a tour section along the 1976 route which took us to Nabiac for lunch. Now last time I competed at Nabiac was in 1978 and that was driving a Mini Cooper S in a Motorkhana. Peter Liston and another school friend and navigator, Colin Green, also drove the Cooper S in that Motorkhana.

img_0004The Cooper S at Nabiac in 1978

From Nabiac we continued following the 1976 route to a closed road section at Burrawan, just north of Kew. This was very rough and we drive very slowly but even slowly there were rocks crashing into the underside of the Dolly.

We then headed to Port Macquarie and the end of day two. The Dolly is covered with cameras and at the end of each day they need to be charged and the video has to be down loaded into a portable hard drive. By the end of the event there will be hours of video to sort through.

Geoff and Jon continued to push with great gusto and reported no real problems, they did have trouble closing the boot lid.

Rod and Karen also had an uneventful day in the ever reliable Peugeot

Results after day 1 see Mark Pickering/Dave Boddy driving a Datsun 240Z leading from Geoff Thomas/Jon Dickson in their Fiat 131. In the AHRG Darby, Geoff/Jon lead from Rod/Karen with Jim/Peter third

Jim Pope