No Way Out. Chapter 7.

No Way Out – Chapter 7.

Peter arrived home still over joyed at the news that he didn’t do it. He always thought that he could not have done something so awful but it was hard to ignore the evidence but now he knew. He sat on the lounge and turned his lap top on and opened the internet and then typed, ‘hypnotists’ into the search field. He then sat back in the lounge and found himself thinking, ‘why me, how and why did this happen.’ His mind was full of questions, questions he had no answers for. As he sat there his old friend, depression came for a visit.

After a few hours of feeling sorry for himself Peter snapped out of it and sat up and looked at the computer screen. He refined the search for hypnotises to his local area, only two came up. One was a stage act but the other sounded more suitable so he rang and made an appointment. The earliest he could see the hypnotist was in a few days so he would have to be patient.

The next few days dragged a bit for Peter but eventually the day arrived for his appointment with the hypnotist. The waiting room reminded him of a posh Solicitors waiting room, it had trendy magazines to read, a fish tank at one end and a desk for the receptionist at the other end. The receptionist was not like any receptionist Peter had ever met before. In Peter’s experience receptionists were usually former army Sergeant Majors with the personality to match. But this receptionist was very friendly, she was dressed like she was about to go out on a hot date and she kept saying things like, “do you need anything?” or “he want be much longer.”

After about fifteen minutes the receptionist said to Peter, “he’s ready for you now, come this way.”

Peter followed her into the consulting room and she said, “just have a seat and he’ll be with you in a minute.”

Peter sat down and looked around the room, it was very modern, lots of glass, glass toped desk, glass toped coffee table, it was awful. But he was not there for the decorations he was there to remember.

A few minutes later a well dressed, youngish man came into the room and said, “High I’m Doctor Robert Wells and you are,” he looked at his clip board before continuing, “Peter Law.”

Peter just nodded while Robert continued, “now how can I help you today?” Robert sat down at his desk and just looked at Peter.

“About ten years ago something happened that I have no memory off, I was arrested for a crime, convicted and spent eight and a half years in jail for that crime. The victim in the case, who also remembered nothing, recently contacted me to tell me that she had been to see a hypnotist. She now remembers the events of that night and that I was not her attacker. I was hoping you could restore my memory in the hope that my memory will marry up with hers,” explained Peter.

“Restored memories are not accepted in a court of law,” replied Robert.

“This is not about legal stuff, it’s about my piece of mind,” said Peter.

“Restoring someone’s memory can be tricky, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t,” replied Robert.

“Well there is only one way to find out, so let’s get on with it,” said Peter   

Robert stud up and walked across the room and said, “come over here and if you could just sit there,” he pointed towards a lounge chair.

With Peter sitting in a large chair and Robert sitting opposite him in a similar chair, Robert said, “now I just want you close your eyes, relax and think about that night.”

About an hour later Peter opened his eyes and saw Robert still sitting opposite him.

“Come on lets get on with it,” said Peter.

“Its done, do you remember anything?” asked Robert.

Peter just sat there for a few minutes before he started to smile.

“I remember, I was drugged, I was there, I saw it all but could do nothing,” said Peter he then added, “its was awful.”

“Do you remember who done it,” asked Robert.

Peter paused for a moment before saying, “yes I do,” he then continued, “I know alright.”

The way he said it worried Robert so he said, “you know revenge want help.”

“Don’t worry mate, this was just about peace of mind not revenge,” replied Peter, but he then quoted Don Quixote, “revenge is a dish best served cold.”

“But remember what happened to him,” said Robert.

“Like I said mate, just for my peace of mind,” replied Peter, he then added, “how much do I owe you?”

“The receptionist will sort that out,” said Robert.

Peter shook Roberts hand and said, “thanks so much, you have lifted a weight from my mind, thanks again.”

Peter walked out, payed the receptionist and headed home with his mind full of ideas on how to get back at the man who destroyed his life.

The rest of the day Peter found himself endlessly thinking about the events of that night all those years ago. Why would an accountant named John who worked for the same bank as Peter want to hurt Sandra and set Peter up for the crime? It eventually downed on him, Sandra was just unlucky, she was a means to an end. John must have been an embezzler and some how found out what Peter’s real job was. Attacking Sandra was just a way to set up Peter and get him out of the way and it worked a treat.

As the day turned into night and the longer Peter thought about it the more it made sense. He eventually fell asleep on the lounge exhausted from an eventful day, a day when after ten years he new what had happened.

Peter woke the next day with his mind still in overdrive thinking about what to do next. After a quick bite to eat he was straight on the internet to try and find out as much as he could about John and what he had been doing for the last ten years. The first problem was, ‘what was his second name?’ After about an hour of trying to remember John’s second name Peter decided to think of something else in the hope it would just come back to him. He wasn’t even sure if he ever knew John’s second name. He turned the TV on for a bit of a distraction, a movie came on staring Paul Newman and that was the trigger, his name was John Newman.

The internet proofed to be very informative about John. His face book page painted a picture of a very successful entrepreneur, a self made man, someone who through hard work had gone from humble bank clerk to millionaire. Other sources told similar but more realistic accounts of his rise to wealth, that of a ruthless business man who would do what ever was necessary to achieve his goals. Peter even found a newspaper report of John crashing his Ferrari into a shop window due to him loosing control on a wet road.

The internet would only get Peter so far so he again used the internet to track down the person who replaced him at the Bank. Mat was now retired and living in the southern highlands. Peter knew him well back in his banking days, he was older than Peter and went about the job of catching embezzlers very differently to Peter. Mat would simply go to a branch, tell the manager why he was there, interview staff and check the books. This approach did have some success in catching thieves, mostly bank tellers who were steeling $20.00 now and then but it was not so successful at catching the top end embezzlers.

Mat was very much ‘the banker’ he new nothing of politics or world affairs, he would read the financial pages of the newspaper and nothing else. Peter and Mat never actually worked together but they did have monthly meeting to share information and plans for the coming month. Never great friends but they did get on well as work colleagues.   

Peter contacted Mat via his face book page and suggested they meet up at a near by café to chat about old times. Much to Peters surprise Mat agreed.

Peter kept his distant, just watched the café waiting for Mat to arrive. After a time he saw Mat approaching, he sat at one of the outside tables and when the waitress approached he waved her away. Peter then walked over to where Mat was sitting and sat down.

“Good morning young Mathew,” said Peter. Which was the greeting he always used when meeting Mat, and it always got a smile from him.

“Peter,” replied Mat before pausing for a moment, “my goodness you look,” he paused again, “trim and fit seeing it’s got to be over eight years.”

“More like ten years,” said Peter as he sat down opposite Mat.

“My goodness time gets away so fast,” replied Mat.

“For some may be,” said Peter as the waitress walked over and asked.

“Can I get you something?”

“Just a coffee,” said Mat.

“And you?” asked the waitress

“Orange juice thank you,” replied Peter and to Mat, “Well Mat, how is retirement?”

“Not to bad, in fact it’s pretty good, how life with you?” said Mat.

“It’s not too bad,” replied Peter.

“What are you doing these days?” asked Mat.

“I’m completely out of the banking world now I drive an Uber taxi,” replied Peter.

 It was becoming obvious that Mat had no idea that Peter had been arrested and gone to prison.

“I always wondered why you left the bank, reading between the lines from what the bank told me, I thought the pressure might of got to you,” said Mat.

“Something like that,” replied Peter.

“Well as long as you’re happy that’s all that matters,” said Mat.

“You took over from me looking into Head Office didn’t you?” asked Peter.

“Yes but I didn’t find anything out of place, did you have your eye on someone?” said Mat.

“John Newman,” replied Peter.

“I don’t remember a John Newman,” said Mat, he then paused for a moment, “you don’t mean the millionaire?”

“Yer that’s him,” replied Peter.

“He left before I started, it was six months after you left before I started,” said Mat, and then added, “is that why you wanted to see me.”

“No I just felt a bit nostalgic for the old days so I’ve been catching up with old work colleagues,” replied Peter then adding, “I just read something about John in the paper the other day and remembered my suspicions.”

“My brief was current employee’s not past ones so he was never on my radar,” said Mat.

“Its nothing it’s just me being nostalgic for the old days,” replied Peter.

The waitress arrived with their orders and placed them on the table.

“Thank you,” said Peter.

“I bet you meet all sorts driving an Uber?” asked Mat.

“You would not believe the stories I could tell,” replied Peter as he sipped on his orange juice.

Mat drank his coffee or at least tried to but it was to hot so he asked,

“How have you managed to stay so fit and trim?

“It nothing I do, it’s just the way I am,” replied Peter.

“You’re lucky,” said Mat.

They chatted for a while about old work colleagues and the good old days before Peter said, “I have to go I have an Uber job in half an hour, it was good to catch up.”

Mat replied, “Yes it was, I don’t see many from the old days any more, I guess that is what happens in retirement.”

They both walked over to the counter and payed for their drinks before going their separate ways.

“We should do this again,” said Mat as Peter walked away.

“Yer that would be good,” replied Peter knowing he never would.

Peter headed home, seeing Mat reminded him of what his life might had been like if things had not unravelled thanks to John. As he drove home he found himself thinking about the best way to get back at John. What would be the worst thing he could do to John? The answer was plan as day, hit him in his back pocket.

For the rest of the day and well into the evening Peter wondered how to take money from John. From Peter’s view point John owed Peter ten years of lost income plus super and damages for pain and suffering. And not only Peter but Sandra as well was owed damages for pain and suffering. He calculated a figure of one million plus one million for Sandra so that makes it two million in compensation. Lets call it three million, just to round it up.

How would he extract three million from John? But before he could work out how to get three million out of John he would need to know John’s financial details. This would take some research, he would spend some time at company’s house looking into Johns publicly owned assets, which he would do first. But his private assets would be another story.

Peter spent the next few weeks researching into John’s public assets which showed him to be very rich but most of these assets were not the sort of things that could easily be converted to cash. He owned lots of real estate and businesses which were of no use to Peter but he did own lots of blue chip shares that could be sold quickly.

It was John’s private assets that interested Peter as that is where the real money would be. Private assets would be a lot harder to find out about, the only way would be to hack into John’s accounts or access his accounts from his home computer. His home computer and his accounts would all be password protected so Peter would need to find out the passwords, that or be very lucky.

Peter started following John from when he left his house every morning till he arrived home at the end of the day. He also followed him during his night life activities, he still lived the play boy life style of night clubs, casinos and restaurants. He didn’t seem to have a regular girl friend, it was more like many girl friends.

John had cleaners come in two days a week and gardeners one day a week. This may come in useful when it comes to gaining access unnoticed, the rich don’t pay much attention to the working classes unless their costing them money.  

There did not seem to be a set patton to his night life but his working life was very predictable. Leave for work at 8.00 in the morning and home at 5.30 each day.

Peter had developed many skills during the last ten years but they were more to do with surviving prison life than breaking into someone home and hacking their computer so he would need some help. As luck would have it he knew just the man for the job, someone who owned him and who would be unable to say no, Stuart.

It had been four years since Stuart was released from prison and Peter had not had any contact since that day so finding him might present a bit of a challenge. But Stuart was very much a man of habit and somewhat predictable so Peter felt confidant of locating him. Stuart had a weakness for the ladies of the night and would talk at length with Peter about crawling along Parramatta Road late at night picking up girls.

Peter walked the two blocks of Parramatta Road where the ladies hug out asking the girls, ‘if they had seen Stuart.’ He did not have a photo but Stuart was a distinctive sort of person so a description would do the trick. At first the girls did not want to talk but a $50 note loosened them up. One had seen him around and she directed him to one of the other girls she thought he was seeing.

Peter walked over to her and said, “High, I’m looking for a friend of mine, his name is Stuart, he’s about 35, weedy looking, shortish hair, about 5’6” tall and wares round rimless glasses.”

“Go away, I’m not an information service,” she replied.

Peter got a hand full of $100’s out of his pocket and said, “I am really a friend, I mean him no harm, lets say $500.”

She put her hand out to take the money but Peter pulled it away and said, “info first money second.”

“No money no info,” she replied.

“How about half first and the rest after,” said Peter.

“He is a man of habits, every Monday and Wednesday, he should be along any time soon,” she replied.

Peter handed her the rest of the money and then asked, “what’s your name?

“Shirley,” she replied.

“OK Shirley, how much do you charge?” asked Peter.

“$100,” she replied.

Peter handed her another $250 and said, “that’s for your loss of work for tonight, and don’t worry I am a friend. I’ve got a job for Stuart so he’s going to be a bit flush for a while and I have no doubt you will end up with most of it.”

She turned and saw a rough looking bloke approaching and said, “Oh shit it’s my pimp.”

“Clear off you,” he said.

“She working for me go and see one of the others,” replied Peter.

“She works for I say she works for and its not you, now clear off or I’ll cut you,” he said.

The pimp had a knife and was waving it about so Peter grabbed him by the wrist, twisted it around his back, kicked him in the back of the knee which coursed him to fall to the ground and loose his grip on the knife. Peter through the knife on to the road and looked at the girl, she was smiling so Peter hit him hard and then said, “go away or I will hurt you.”

The pimp got to his feet and lunged towards Peter who stepped aside and tripped him, he fell face first onto the concrete foot path, breaking his nose. He then slowly got to his feet with blood all over his face and just looked at Peter. Two men got out of a black four wheel drive parked about fifty metres away and started walking towards Peter.

“Your dead meat,” said the Pimp with some pleasure.

All the girls started walking away and as they did Peter said, “Hey Shirley,” Peter handed her a piece of paper and continued, “tell Stuart to ring me and remind him that he owes me.”

Peter turned and faced the two men approaching, he stud perfectly still and just looked at them. The pimp then said, “your dead meat.”

“So you keep saying,” said Peter before adding, “It’s not too late.”

“Go on, punch his head in,” said the pimp to his two minders.

As the minders got closer they both hesitated and Peter said, “come on guys, it not to late you can still walk away.”

They both produced knifes and were standing opposite each other with Peter in the middle. They lunged forward with their knifes, but Peter simply stepped a side, he kicked one of them in the back of the knee and he fell to the ground. Peter grabbed the other by the arm twisted it backward dislocating the minders shoulder. The first minder got to his feet but as he stepped forward towards Peter his knee when out from under him and he fell to the ground again. Peter walked up to him and stomped on his hand, breaking it. He then turned and looked at the pimp who started to run towards the four wheel drive. Peter ran after him and ankle taped him, he again fell to the concrete foot path face first and as he lay there Peter stumped on his arm, breaking it.

He then leant down to the pimp and said, “now if you had taken my advice you and your minders would be unhurt and you would still have a business.”

Peter walked away towards Shirley who was standing with the other girls about one hundred metres away. When he got there he said to Shirley, “Don’t forget to tell Stuart to ring me, I don’t want to have to come looking for him.” And then to all the girls, “sorry about your pimp.” He then walked away angry with himself for not controlling the situation in a more peaceful way.

The next day Stuart rang and they organized to meet at a near by Pub. Peter arrived early and sat in one corner of the Pub and just waited and it wasn’t long before Stuart walked in. He didn’t notice Peter so he sat on a stool at the bar and ordered a drink. After a while Stuart looked around the Pub and saw Peter sitting in the corner. When he saw Peter, Stuart became tense and with some reluctance walked over and sat next to Peter.

“Hello Stuart, how are you?” said Peter.

“Fine,” replied Stuart.

“I’ve got a job for you,” said Peter.

“I don’t do that sort of work any more,” replied Stuart.

“You don’t know what the job is yet,” said Peter.

“It want be mowing your lawn,” replied Stuart.

“Well quite, I don’t have a lawn, is that what you do these days, mow lawns?” said Peter.

“Yes and I am completely straight now, nothing doggy,” replied Stuart.

“Your going to have to fall of the wagon for a while, let’s not forget what I did for you in prison,” said Peter.

“I’m not going back inside for anyone,” replied Stuart.

“And you want be, all I need is for you and me to break into someone’s house and hack their computer, you could do it with one eye closed,” said Peter.

“I’m in a good place now, going straight” replied Stuart.

“Well good for you, I’m happy for you,” said Peter who then continued, “Lets go I want to show you the place.”

“But Peter,” replied Stuart.

Peter stud up and said, “Sorry Stuart, you don’t have an option, if I could get someone else I would, you’re the only one I can trust. I need your help and after this we will be even and you will never see me again. Plus I’ll pay $1,000 for about one hours work, just think of the amount of time you can spend with Shirley with that.”

That brought a smile to Stuart’s face as he stud up and they both walked outside to Peter’s car. As they drove the half hour to John’s house Peter laid out what he needed Stuart to do. Basically they would be breaking into John’s house, hacking into his computer and then leaving without John ever knowing that they had been there and they would be doing it in day light.

They arrived at John’s house and parked a few houses up the road.

“What do you think?” asked Peter.

“Which house?” asked Stuart.

“Number 42, the one with the big tree in the front yard” replied Peter.

“I can’t say without getting closer but going by the age of the house it shouldn’t be much of a problem to get in but we will be seen in day light,” said Stuart.

“He has cleaners come in on Tuesday’s and Friday’s and I intend to purchase the same sort of van, so we will do the job on a Wednesday dressed as cleaners, no one will question it,” replied Peter.

“Is this bloke tech savvy,” asked Stuart.

“It will be the newest most up to date hardware and software,” replied Peter.

“What information are you looking for,” asked Stuart.

“I want to know what he is worth, where he has his money, where is it invested,” replied Peter.

“I won’t be able to get into his bank accounts,” said Stuart.

“Don’t care about bank accounts I just want to know how much money he can raise quickly,” replied Peter.

“Your not going to kidnap someone for resume, I don’t want to be part of anything like that,” said Stuart.

“I’m not going to kidnap anyone, he is responsible for me going to prison and so he owes me, I just want some compensation,” replied Peter.

“I can’t make any promises, it will depend on how he stores information in his computer. What’s does he do for a living?” asked Stuart.

“He was a banker but these days he’s into investments, stocks, shares, real estate etc,” replied Peter.

“No worries then, piece of cake,” said Stuart.

“Wednesday then,” replied Peter.

Peter now had five days to get ready, he needed to purchase a van of the same make and model that the cleaning company used. He also needed some buckets and cleaning products, as well as some white overall to match the cleaning company. It only needed to look right from a distance, just in case some neighbour was looking.

The day arrived, it was a perfect day for it and Peter and Stuart were ready. They drove into John’s driveway and pull up in front of the garage, they both got out looking the part, got some buckets out of the back of the van and walked around to the back door just like the cleaners do. Stuart made short work of the back door and they were in.

It took a few minute to find the office which was located towards the back of the house. Peter took some photos of the room so they could be sure of leaving the room exactly as they found it. Stuart then started performing his magic on the computer but it was slow going but after a while he said, “bingo.”

“What have you got?” asked Peter.

“His portfolio, bankers are so ordered, they do make it easy,” said Stuart.

Stuart got up and Peter sat in front of the computer and started taking lots of notes about accounts, banks, amounts and locations.

“This is exactly what I was looking for,” said Peter.

“He’s worth a bob or two,” replied Stuart.

Peter got up and Stuart sat back down in front of the computer.

“Now make sure he doesn’t no we were here,” said Peter.

“No problem,” replied Stuart and then, “OK I’m done.”

Stuart stud up and walked out of the room, while Peter checked the photos to make sure everything was as they had found it. They then picked up their cleaning equipment but as they were about to leave Peter noticed a key board on the wall near the back door. He looked through the keys and found one bundle labelled, ‘house keys,’ he tried the keys in the back door and removed the one that worked and placed it in his pocket. He placed the rest back were he found them and left via the back door, using the key to lock it as they went.

All in all a successful hours work, as they drove back to Peters place he thanked Stuart for his help and gave him his $1,000 but for Stuart it was just paying a debt and they were now even.

Over the next few days Peter thought on what to do next or more to the point how to do what was next. From Peter’s point of view John owned him, he saw it like compensation for all those year in jail. And now it was time for John to pay up not just for himself but for Sandra as well. It was just a matter of convincing John to pay, that was the problem facing Peter. After giving it a lot of thought he decided to persuade John that it was in his best interest to pay up. He might take a lot of persuasion and it might take some time as well as get a bit messy.

But before he could approach John, Peter would need to obtain some things that would help persuade John. Some things like gaffe tape, rope, a hammer, a saw were easy to get at the local hardware store but other things were harder. Where do you get tranquilisers? He thought about approaching criminals like the bikey gang or even the pimp he roughed up but all these would be loose ends if things went wrong. So he went to see a Doctor at a medical centre and pretended to be stressed and was prescribed valeum.

He ground the valeum up into a past and dissolved it into a solution but he had no idea how much would be needed. The Doctor had prescribed two pills a day so he settle on five pills, hoping that would be enough. Too much and he could kill John and even though that had some attraction it was not what he was planning.

Peter had one more thing to deal with, Sandra, should he tell her about his plans now? Or would it be better to tell her after the fact? He decided to wait till after it was done and dusted.

Peter lay on the lounge to watch the Sunday afternoon movie, it was an anti-hero Clint Eastwood western. Peter fancied himself as a bit of an anti-hero reaping revenge on the bad guy. But if court he would be the bad guy, the criminal trying to extort money from a rich respectable business man. Of course the answer to this problem was, ‘don’t get court.’ 

The alarm went off at four in the morning, it was time for Peter to get his revenge. The van he used to impersonate John’s cleaners was already packed and ready to go. Peter went through his check list and then headed of into the early morning mist and traffic. It was just before five as he approached John’s house, he turned the engine off as he turned into his driveway and rolled the last bit. Quickly out of the van, Peter headed around the back and using the key he stole during his earlier visit, he then made his way to John’s bed room. John was sound asleep, Peter quietly approached the bed and then in one quick action injected John with his home made tranquiliser.

John woke and took a moment to work out what was happening, “who are you? what’s going on?” asked John as he tried to get out of bed but Peter hit him hard and he fell back on the bed. John was starting to feel the effects of the tranquiliser and seemed groggy and disorientated. Peter gaffer taped his hands together and then just watched him for a few moments. Peter then pushed an arm chair over to the side of the bed and manhandled John of the bed into the chair. Using lots of gaffer tape Peter taped him to the arm chair as well as a piece across his mouth.

Peter left the bed room and went to the office were he turned John’s computer on and opened his e-mails. He sent an e-mail to John’s cleaners and gardeners telling them that he would not need their services for the next few weeks but he would still pay them as usual. He then sent an

e-mail to his work place saying that he would be taking a few day off and under no circumstances should anyone try to contact him.

Peter then made his way back to John’s bed room, John was awake but groggy. Peter pulled the chair back towards himself and dragged it and John from the bed room to the office where he positioned the chair so John could see the computer screen.

“Now you just wait there while I go and have some breakfast, wont be to long,” said Peter and then added, “don’t you go trying to escape now will you.”

Peter went to the kitchen to find something to eat but was hard pressed as John was some sort of health nut, nothing but rabbit food so he wondered back to the office.

“Are you planning to live forever John?” asked Peter.

John was a bit more responsive but still not quite with it so Peter sat at the computer and started opening up some bank web sites. On one of the sites he clicked on, ‘internet banking,’ and much to his total surprise a box popped up with John’s remembered user name and pass word. So Peter continued and then all John’s accounts with that bank opened up.

“My goodness John, for a banker your not very security conches,” said Peter.

These accounts looked like John’s work a day accounts, there was not that much in them, well ‘not much is relative,’ as there was just over one hundred thousand in these accounts. Peter exited the site as it smelt, he had worked catching embezzlers for a long time and new a trap when he saw one.

“You want catch me with that old trick,” said Peter.

Peter swivelled around in the office chair to face John and slapped him around the face and said, “come on John, no point trying to fake it, that drug will have worn of by now. You know what I want, user names and passwords, your going to tell me eventually so why not save yourself all the pain and tell me now?”

John still had gaffa tape across his mouth so could not answer but he did shack his head.

“That’s a no is it, oh well you’ll come around,” said Peter.

Peter started searching John’s office for user names and passwords as even people like John can find it hard to remember passwords so they write them down and hide them. After about an hour or so Peter could not find anything that looked like a password so he cut the gaffa tape holding John’s right arm to the chair. He gave him a pen and placed a pad on the arm of the chair and said, “there you go all you need to write down the user names and passwords.”

John dropped the pen and as Peter lent down to pick it up John tried to hit him but missed.

“Such defiance,” said Peter.

Peter forced John’s arm back down to the chair and gaffa taped it to the chair. He then cut the tape holding John’s left arm to the chair and started twisting it beyond where it would normally go. He then put his knee against John’s elbow and pulled on his wrist, breaking his elbow. John shock with pain.

“Did that hurt John, sorry about that, you should of said something,” said Peter.

He then forced John’s arm back down and gaffa taped it to the chair.

“Now John,” said Peter before continuing, “you don’t have a lot of options, you can give me three million in compensation for what you have done to me or you can let me keep working on you till you end up not much more than a cripple, you will never be the same that’s for sure. Or there is the possibility that you will die while I’m persuading you, may be I will get the tranquiliser dosage wrong or may be you will have a heart attack. Its all win, win for me, I get three million, or your died, or your a cripple living in pain for the rest of you life. It’s a top result for me how ever you look at it. I’ll give you some time to think about it.”

Peter left the room and went to the kitchen, found some eggs which he fried. He sat on the lounge and turned on the TV but there was nothing worth watching on day time TV so he returned to the office.

“Well John its decision time what’s it going to be?” said Peter.

Peter removed the gaffa tape from John’s mouth and just stud there waiting for him to say something.

“All right,” said John.

Peter cut the tape holding his right arm to the chair and handed him a pen and pad.

“User name and password to your Macquarie Bank account,” said Peter.

John wrote them down and handed the pad to Peter. Peter just looked at them and then placed the pad on the desk but before gaffa taping John’s arm back to the chair he asked John, “is there a large amount transfer code?”

“Yes,” said John.

Peter handed the pad and pen back to John and said, “you better write that down as well.”

John wrote some numbers down on the pad and handed it to Peter. Peter gaffa taped John’s arm back to the chair and then sat at the desk. He opened the bank web site and then entered internet banking. After a few moments a box popped up asking for user name and password, which Peter entered. All the accounts opened up, Peter then transferred three million to his account. A box popped up asking for a large amount transfer code which Peter entered, the transfer then went through.

Using his phone Peter then checked his account, the money was there so he then transferred it again.

“Well John,” said Peter he then paused before adding, “that didn’t hurt much, its only money.”

“I will get you for this,” replied John.

“Now I was just going to talk to you about that, thanks for reminding me. Only bad things can come from you, ‘getting me,’ and when I say bad I mean bad. You might get lucky and ‘get me’ but more likely I will get you and I won’t play nice like I have today. What’s three million to you, it’s only ten percent of your wealth, is it worth loosing your life over? All that’s happened today has only hurt your pride, other than you elbow. Is your pride worth loosing your life over? I know you still see me as that little bank employee that wouldn’t hurt a mouse but remember I spent eight and a half years in jail, I am not the man I was. So put all those thoughts of revenge out of your mind, you will be a happier person for it. One last thing John, if you do decide to ‘get me’ then you better make the first shot count as you want get a second.” said Peter.

John said nothing but you could power a small town from the steam coming out his ears. Peter got a syringe out of his bag and injected John who said, “no, no.”

Once John had passed out Peter removed the gaffa tape and tidied up John’s office he then went to the kitchen and did the washing up and put everything away. He returned to the office where he shut down John’s computer and checked around making sure everything was in its place. He then got his own lap top out of his bag and started working on moving the money around, hiding it, making sure John could not get it back. Peter had learnt many tricks about hiding money over his years working for the bank and he used all those trick to make sure no one could find where the money had gone.

It was about an hour since Peter had injected John with a tranquiliser and he was starting to come around but it would be, may be another half hour before he would be completely conges. So Peter decided it was time to say his farewells and thank you’s and leave John with his thoughts. Peter drove away in the van but not very far, he park just up the road and waited. About twenty minutes later an ambulance pulled into John’s drive way and after a short time the ambulance offices helped John out, put him in the back of the ambulance and drove away. The good news for Peter was, ‘no Police,’ John was keeping it to himself.

Peter drove the van for about an hour before parking it in a shopping centre parking area. He left it unlocked with the keys in it, he wiped it down so there was no finger prints and walked away. He hadn’t transferred the registration from who he bought it from and he had used a false name when he purchased it so it was not traceable back to him.

It took a while to get home using public transport which gave Peter time to think. He felt deflated, there was no sense of satisfaction, he felt nothing but anger. John had ruined his life and there was no coming back from that, no amount of money or inflicting pain on John was going to change the years he spent in prison. All he could do was to try and make the best of the future and money would be very helpful for that.

He wondered what Sandra would make of his revenge, would she accept half the money? Would she be upset with him for taking revenge or would she feel left out. May be she would of like to have inflicted some pain on John herself.         

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